Starbucks Part Time Job Salary In India

Starbucks Part Time Job Salary In India

Starbucks has become a global phenomenon since its launch in 1971. With over 30,000 stores worldwide, it is one of the leading coffee chains in the world. India is no different, with an estimated 376 Starbucks outlets as of May 2021. Within these outlets, the company employs thousands of people, and this article will take a look into Starbucks part-time job salaries in India.

Caffeinated Bucks: A Look into Starbucks Part Time Job Salaries in India

When it comes to finding part-time work, Starbucks provides a competitive wage. The wages in Delhi start at a minimum of ₹250 per hour, and can go up to ₹300 per hour. In Mumbai, the range is between ₹150 per hour and ₹250 per hour. In Bengaluru, the numbers can range from ₹110 per hour to ₹180 per hour. Starbucks also offers full-time roles with benefits, such as medical insurance and competitive salaries. Other than the basic wages, Starbucks also provides incentives and bonuses based on performance. Employees can earn commission-based incentive for successful retail operations. As such, an experienced full-time Starbucks employee in India can potentially earn up to ₹45,000 per month, depending on factors such as performance and seniority.

Drawing Latte-ve Lines: Examining Wage Disparities within India’s Starbucks Workforce

Whilst wages are relatively competitive and fair in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, the picture is more complex in other parts of India. In rural areas, wages can be significantly lower than what people are paid in the cities. This wage gap only widens when looking at the salaries of Starbucks employees across different states. This disparity is further exacerbated by the fact that there are few public sector jobs that offer competitive wages. As a result, many people turn to private sector jobs at Starbucks and other fast-food restaurants as a means of financial stability. This only serves to widen the existing wage gap.


Overall, Starbucks offers competitive wages and job security to its employees in India, especially to those working in major cities. That said, there is a clear gap between the wages people are paid in rural areas and major cities, and the fact that the public sector does not offer competitive wages only serves to exacerbate the issue. There is certainly more to explore in terms of wages and working conditions at Starbucks, but this article provides an insight into Starbucks part time job salaries in India.

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