Mechanical Test Engineer Salary In Canada


Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Mechanical Test Engineer in Canada? This exciting career path has the potential to provide an abundance of job opportunities and excellent salaries. To help you make your decision about pursuing this career, this article explores the salary and job opportunities available to Mechanical Test Engineers in Canada.

Investigating Salaries: A Guide to a Mechanical Test Engineer in Canada

A Mechanical Test Engineer in Canada can expect to make an average salary of $80,000 CAD per year. This can vary depending on factor such as location and experience. It is important to note that the highest earners in this field typically have 5-10 years of experience. For those just entering the field, salaries typically start around the $60,000 per year mark.

Salaries by Province

  • Alberta: $84,655
  • British Columbia: $78,443
  • Manitoba: $76,770
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $78,443
  • Northwest Territories: $75,302
  • Nova Scotia: $79,380
  • Nunavut: $75,574
  • Ontario: $83,165
  • Prince Edward Island: $71,916
  • Saskatchewan: $78,827
  • Yukon: $79,642

Analyzing Salaries and Job Opportunities for Mechanical Test Engineers

The demand for Mechanical Test Engineers is currently on the rise in Canada, as there are many new and ongoing projects that require their expertise. This means that the job outlook is bright for Mechanical Test Engineers, especially those who are experienced and qualified. As such, the salaries earned by experienced Mechanical Test Engineers will likely continue to rise in the coming years.

Common Employers

Some of the most common employers for Mechanical Test Engineers in Canada include:

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Government Agencies
  • Automotive Companies
  • Space Exploration Firms
  • Technical Consulting Firms
  • Computer- or Electronics-Aided Manufacturers

Uncovering the Benefits of this Exciting Career Path

The career of a Mechanical Test Engineer offers a number of exciting opportunities. Not only are there numerous job opportunities and a highly competitive salary, but there are also numerous other benefits to taking on this role. These include:

  • The chance to work on cutting-edge projects and technologies
  • The chance to help shape the future of engineering
  • The opportunity to work and collaborate with a wide range of professionals
  • Working in a supportive and highly rewarding environment
  • The chance to make a meaningful difference in the world


Pursuing a career as a Mechanical Test Engineer offers a variety of opportunities, from excellent salaries to the chance to make a meaningful difference in the world. The job outlook for this position in Canada is bright, with an overall average salary of $80,000 per year. If you are considering taking on this role, make sure to thoroughly research the job opportunities and salary levels available to you. With the right dedication and commitment, you could find yourself at the forefront of the engineering industry with a rewarding career as a Mechanical Test Engineer.

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