Mechanical Inspector Salary In Saudi Arabia


When considering the lucrative career opportunities in Saudi Arabia, it is not uncommon for those seeking to pursue a role in the engineering sector to be drawn to the prospect of working as a mechanical inspector in the country. With the demand for mechanical inspectors high in the petroleum, construction, and consulting industries, the opportunity to live and work in a financially secure environment is attractive to many job-seekers. It is a competitive industry, however, so understanding the salary range for this profession is an essential first step for those looking to make their mark in Saudi Arabia.

Uncovering the Riches of Being a Mechanical Inspector in Saudi Arabia

Being a mechanical inspector in Saudi Arabia can offer a variety of rewards, in addition to a nice paycheck. The job involves conducting inspections and tests on various mechanical systems to ensure their performance meets international standards, as well as generating inspection reports. Mechanical inspectors must also be able to interpret their findings in a comprehensive and accurate manner. With a range of stimulating tasks to keep them busy, mechanical inspectors are able to maintain a high level of job satisfaction – not to mention pick up some serious earning potential.

Examining the Average Salary Range for Mechanical Inspectors

When it comes to salary, the compensation given to mechanical inspectors in Saudi Arabia varies, depending on experience, qualifications, job title, employer, and the sector in which the inspector works. According to PayScale, the median annual salary for a mechanical inspector in Saudi Arabia is SAR 45,000 (~USD 12012). Meanwhile, the lowest earning 10% of the profession is estimated to make roughly SAR 35,000 (~USD 9348) per year, while the top-earners in the profession can see their yearly totals exceed SAR 75,000 (nearly USD 20000).

Pinpointing the Best Paying Regions for Mechanical Inspectors in Saudi Arabia

The region in which mechanical inspectors choose to work can have a significant impact on their earnings. According to PayScale’s data, Jeddah is one of the best-paying cities in Saudi Arabia for inspectors, providing an average salary of SAR 56,000 (~ USD 14,850). The Eastern region also offers a good salary package for inspectors, with an annual median salary of SAR 48,000 (~ USD 12,800). In Riyadh, the average yearly salary for mechanical inspectors is reported to be SAR 46,000 (~ USD 12,270). Other smaller cities like Ahsaf, Makkah, and Al Khobar, often have higher average salaries than the other major cities.


A career in mechanical inspection in Saudi Arabia has potential to be both profitable and rewarding. With the global demand high for qualified professionals to carry out inspections, and the lucrative opportunities available in the right region, those looking to work in the engineering sector should consider exploring the potential of becoming a mechanical inspector in Saudi Arabia.

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