Junior Android Developer Salary In Dubai


The ever-growing appetite for software and technology and the enthusiasm for ambitious start-up projects have put a spotlight on the city of Dubai. Developers, especially those specializing in Android development talent, look to the Emirate as an attractive option to further their professional careers. This article aims to provide an unbiased insight into the salary prospects for junior Android developers in Dubai.

Unveiling Dubai’s Attractive Junior Android Developer Salaries

Dubai can be one of the most lucrative places for developers in the Middle East. Salaries can be significantly above those in other countries in the region. The average salary for junior Android developers in Dubai ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 13,000, depending on the experience and skill level of the individual. Benefits are also on offer when working in the Emirate. These may include medical cover, bonuses, and transport allowances. These bonuses are typically in addition to the basic salary. A qualified Android developer can also expect good long-term employment prospects in the often-booming economy of Dubai.

Gaining Insight into Pay Scales for Junior Android Developers in the Emirate

Junior Android developers in Dubai are typically required to demonstrate a strong command of the Java programming language and the Android SDK software development kit. Skills such as software engineering principles, application debugging, and system design are also desirable traits. Salaries for junior Android developers can be ranging from AED 10,000- AED 13,000 a month. With experience and seniority in Android development, salaries for Developers with three to five years of experience can become AED 14,000- AED 18,000 a month.

Examining Salary Prospects for Junior Android Developers in Dubai

One of the key advantages of working in Dubai is that Android developers with any level of experience can find exciting opportunities. Competition for work is tough, and developers need to show a commitment to excellence to stand out from the crowd. Those motivated to excel in the industry stand the greatest chance to get their hands on competitive salary and bonuses. Many companies in the Emirate look to hire remote Android developers. This gives developers the flexibility they need to pursue their development careers without needing a work visa. This period of remote work gives them the opportunity to gain experience before applying for a work visa.


In conclusion, Dubai is a great place for junior Android developers to begin their professional career. Qualified Android developers have the potential to make excellent salaries across the Emirate, with many companies offering salaries that are competitive with the world’s leading tech hubs. For those motivated to start a career in developing Android applications, there is significant scope in the Emirate for growth and prosperity.

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