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Geological engineering is one of the key technologies required to safely and efficiently extract resources from the earth. Canada is home to one of the greatest amounts of natural resources on the planet, and with the global demand for these resources increasing, geological engineering is more important than ever. In particular, the average salary of geological engineers in Canada has been rising steadily, providing strong salaries and good opportunities to those with the right skill set.

Canada’s Rising Pay Grade for Geological Engineers

Geological engineers in Canada make an average salary of $81,467, with the top tier of earners making well over $150,000 per year. This salary can be expected to increase significantly in the coming years due to growing demand for natural resources and the technological advances that are required to safely extract them. In particular, the geoscience industry is projected to rise by 20.2% or 18,400 jobs across Canada in the next five years. This is a massive increase that will demand increased wages for geoscience professionals.

Mining and Exploration Services

Geological engineers are in especially high demand in the field of mining and exploration services, with average wages in this sector topping $103,000. This is due to the innovation required to keep up with the newest technology and the safety considerations necessary to ensure that mining operations are conducted safely. In addition, expert knowledge of the geology of a particular region is essential in order to extract resources efficiently.

Contractors and Labour Services

Contractors and labour services are also in high demand for geological engineers, with the average salary in this sector approaching $92,000. These wage increases are driven by the need for new employees to fill roles across the nation in the booming natural resources sector. With the demand for skilled engineers increasing, those with the knowledge and ability to fill these roles can expect to see a jump in wages.

Soaring Salaries for Natural Resource Professionals

The above figures represent a massive increase in wages for geological engineers over the past few years. This is in line with the growing demand for natural resources across the globe and is set to continue in the coming years. In addition to geological engineers, the salaries of other natural resource professionals have also seen significant gains. For example, geophysicists now earn an average salary of $94,000, while geologists earn an average salary of $75,000.

Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection

The salaries of geological engineers and other natural resource professionals are also being driven up by the increasing demand for renewable energy and environmental protection. Investment in smart grid technologies and sustainable energy sources is driving up wages across the board, while increasingly stringent environmental regulations are making it more profitable for companies to hire specialists to ensure compliance.

Manufacturing and Logistics

In addition, the salaries of geological engineers and other natural resource professionals are being driven up by the need for expertise in manufacturing and logistics. As the global economy becomes increasingly highly-specialized, companies are hiring more and more geological engineers to analyze and comprehend the resources available in the most efficient manner possible.

Seeing the Benefits of the Geoscience Boom

The geoscience boom is providing numerous benefits to geological engineers in Canada. With salaries soaring and the demand for skilled resources professionals increasing, those with the experience and know-how are finding themselves with some of the best-paying jobs in the country. Companies are investing in new technologies and innovation to extract resources more safely and efficiently, and those in the field are reaping the rewards.


In conclusion, the average salary for geological engineers in Canada is on the rise and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. With the ever-increasing demand for natural resources, Canada is becoming one of the best places for geological engineers to practice their profession. The wages for a geological engineer are now amongst the highest in the country, and with the industry’s projected growth in 2020, the outlook for these professionals only looks brighter.

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