The Average Entry-Level Software Engineer Salary at Amazon

Understanding Entry Level Software Engineer Roles at Amazon

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Amazon is known to be the second largest private employer in the United States of America. The company constantly seeks software engineers for roles ranging from entry level to senior positions, and their entry-level software engineers play a crucial role in Amazon’s projects.

An entry level software engineer at Amazon is mainly responsible for developing software programs or applications. They work closely with other teams such as product management, design, and quality assurance teams. These engineers are required to write codes for an application that meets customer’s needs and business requirements.

The software engineer’s job description at Amazon is primarily to design, code, test, and deploy end-user applications. This process involves designing, coding, and testing, debugging written code to improve the product’s functionality and lean principles to help teams operate autonomously.

Amazon software engineers use Agile methodology and practices to develop software applications. They work in cross-functional teams, developing the software within a set time frame while ensuring that it meets customer and regulatory standards. They also work to troubleshoot and debug issues effectively.

The Amazon environment is one of innovation and continuous learning. The company encourages its employees to innovate new features and functionalities that can help improve the customer experience, and entry level software engineers are no exception.

Entry level software engineers at Amazon have access to many training resources that help them learn new skills. The company provides access to Amazon Web Services(AWS), an integrated source control management system, and software development life cycle(SDLC) tools to ensure team collaboration and project tracking.

Besides the training resources, entry level software engineers at Amazon are also given opportunities to work on various projects. The projects may range from building new features, enhancing existing features, or working on projects that require the development of a new software application. These projects give entry level software engineers a chance to work on various technologies and frameworks, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

The entry-level software engineer positions at Amazon require candidates with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computer science or related fields. Experience in software development and coding is a must. Candidates must be proficient in coding languages such as Java, Python, and Ruby, and they should have a good understanding of database technologies and web application development.

The average salary for an entry-level software engineer position at Amazon is $108,000 per year. This amount varies depending on the candidate’s education, experience, and skill level. Amazon offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, and many other perks.

Working as an entry level software engineer at Amazon is a great opportunity for recent graduates or individuals with some experience in software development. Amazon provides its employees with a challenging and rewarding work environment that fosters innovation and continuous learning. With ample training resources, exciting projects, and excellent employee benefits, Amazon is undoubtedly an attractive employer for software engineers starting their careers.

Factors that impact entry level software engineer salaries at Amazon

entry level software engineer salary amazon

Amazon, one of the most prominent tech companies in the world, offers attractive remuneration packages to its software engineers. The company seeks to attract and retain the best talent in the tech industry by providing competitive salaries, bonuses, and benefits. However, several factors influence the entry-level software engineer salaries at Amazon.


The geographic location of a software engineer working for Amazon can significantly impact their salary. Software engineers working out of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington, are likely to earn higher salaries than those working in other Amazon offices worldwide. The cost of living in Seattle is higher than in most American cities; therefore, Amazon offers higher salaries to ensure employees can maintain a high standard of living and cope with the city’s high living costs.

For instance, a software engineer working out of Seattle can expect an average starting salary of around $113,029 per year. However, a software engineer working at the Amazon office in Austin, Texas, can expect a lower salary of around $93,632 per year, despite Austin being one of the most popular cities for tech workers.

Experience and Education

As with any job, the amount of experience and education a software engineer has can influence their starting salary. In general, when considering entry-level software engineering positions at Amazon, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is sufficient. However, professional experience is also key. Amazon prioritizes candidates with previous work experience in the tech industry; hence, those with a few years of experience in the field may earn higher salaries.

For example, an entry-level software engineer at Amazon holding a bachelor’s degree with no prior experience might start with a salary of about $84,000 per year. However, an individual with the same degree and three to five years of experience in the tech industry might expect $100,000 to $120,000 per year. Therefore, professional experience is a significant factor that could determine a software engineer’s salary.

Skill Set and Specialization

Amazon is a large company with varying software engineering roles within it. As such, skill sets and specializations determine an individual’s specific role within the company. Therefore, software engineers with specialized skill sets such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, for instance, may earn higher salaries than others without such skills.

Moreover, Amazon offers different packages and incentives for specialized roles, with the goal of retaining top talent and having experts in specific areas of software engineering. For example, an AI specialist at Amazon earns an average of $138,000 per year compared to an entry-level software engineer, with an average salary of $84,000 annually.

Company Culture and Reputation

Amazon has a very distinct culture that is influenced by Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder. It’s essential to determine a company culture that aligns with a potential employee’s values and beliefs. Therefore, Amazon’s reputation as an employer, as well as its benefits packages, can impact a software engineer’s ultimate decision to take a job at Amazon and influence their wage expectation.

Moreover, Amazon’s reputation as one of the biggest tech companies globally and its ambitious goals for innovation and growth may influence a software engineer’s desire to join the company despite salary differences. Therefore, company culture and reputation are also significant factors that may affect a software engineer’s salary at Amazon.

In conclusion, several factors could influence an entry-level software engineer’s salary at Amazon. However, the company seeks to reward and retain top talent through competitive salaries, incentives, and benefits, creating a favourable environment for software engineers to advance and grow within the tech industry.

Comparing Entry Level Software Engineer Salaries at Amazon with Industry Standards

software engineer salary amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and many graduates aspire to work there as software engineers. A software engineer at Amazon is responsible for designing, coding, and debugging software programs. They also analyze and improve existing software programs and develop new ones. In this article, we will take a closer look at the entry-level software engineer salary at Amazon and how it compares to industry standards.

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for an entry-level software engineer at Amazon is $104,000 per year. This is higher than the national average for entry-level software engineers, which is around $85,000 per year. However, it is important to note that this figure can vary depending on factors such as location, skill level, and experience.

Amazon is known for its competitive salaries and benefits, which is why it is a popular destination for software engineers. In addition to a high base salary, Amazon also offers bonuses, stock options, and a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and tuition reimbursement.

When comparing Amazon’s entry-level software engineer salary to the industry standards, it is important to look at other tech companies as well. Google, for example, offers a slightly higher average base salary for entry-level software engineers at around $118,000 per year. However, Amazon’s benefits package is reportedly more comprehensive than Google’s.

Another company to compare Amazon’s entry-level software engineer salary to is Microsoft. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for an entry-level software engineer at Microsoft is around $107,000 per year, which is slightly higher than Amazon’s average. However, Microsoft’s benefits package is reportedly not as extensive as Amazon’s.

It is also important to consider the location of the job when comparing salaries. The cost of living varies widely across different regions, which can impact the value of a salary. For example, an entry-level software engineer working in Seattle, where Amazon’s headquarters is located, can expect to earn an average of $116,000 per year, which is higher than the national average. However, the cost of living in Seattle is also much higher than in many other parts of the country.

Overall, while Amazon’s entry-level software engineer salary may not be the highest in the industry, it is still very competitive. Combined with the company’s benefits package and reputation for innovation, this makes Amazon a popular destination for young software engineers looking to start their careers in the tech industry.

Strategies to negotiate entry level software engineer salaries at Amazon

entry level software engineer salary amazon

Getting a job as an entry-level software engineer at Amazon is an achievement to be proud of. However, your aim is not just to land the job but to negotiate a fair salary that reflects your expertise. Salary negotiations can be tricky, but with the right strategies, you can increase your entry-level salary.

1. Research Amazon’s salary range for entry-level software engineers

One of the most crucial steps in salary negotiation is to understand the salary range for entry-level software engineers at Amazon. Research and determine the company’s salary range for entry-level software engineers based on your experience, qualifications, and location. You can get salary information from Glassdoor, Payscale, or other job websites. This will help you know what to expect and how much to ask for.

2. Highlight your skills and achievements

In the software engineering industry, your skills and achievements matter. Compile a list of your technical skills, experience, and relevant achievements and present them to the hiring manager during the salary negotiation. Having these details will give the manager a clearer idea of your capabilities and why you deserve a higher salary. You can also highlight any projects you have worked on or awards you have won that prove your technical proficiency.

3. Be flexible with your negotiation approach

During salary negotiations, it’s essential to be flexible in your approach. Be open to other forms of compensation like bonuses, stock options, and flexible working arrangements. Also, remember to listen to the hiring manager’s concerns or constraints and find ways to compromise. For example, if your proposed salary is too high for the company, you can suggest a lower salary with added benefits such as remote work or healthcare.

4. Determine your walkaway point

Determining your walkaway point is essential in any salary negotiation. Decide on the minimum salary you can accept, taking into account factors such as your living expenses and other income sources. Knowing your walkaway point beforehand gives you the strength to turn down offers that don’t meet your expectations.

In conclusion, negotiating salaries can be an intimidating process, but with the right approach, you can increase your entry-level software engineer salary at Amazon. Do your research, highlight your skills and achievements, be flexible, and determine your walkaway point. By following these four strategies, you’ll be confident in your salary negotiation and increase your chances of earning a fair pay.

Advancement opportunities and potential salary growth for entry level software engineers at Amazon

Amazon Software Engineer

Amazon is one of the largest multinational tech companies globally, and the entry level software engineer salary at Amazon is among the best in the tech industry. However, Amazon is not only known for its high entry level software engineer salaries, but it also provides its employees with an exciting work environment and ample opportunities for professional growth. In this article, we will dive deeper into the different ways one can advance in their career and grow their salary as an entry level software engineer at Amazon.

1. Amazon Career Advancement Programs
Amazon offers several career advancement opportunities for entry level software engineers to grow their skillset and move up the career ladder. Upon joining Amazon, a software engineer is placed in a specific career path, and their growth opportunities that lead to a higher salary largely depend on their specific path. The tech giant has several career paths, including technology, product management, and technical program management. Regardless of the path, Amazon provides its employees with numerous training and development programs to boost their careers. For example, the Amazon Technical Academy is an internal training program that trains Amazon employees to become software engineers.

2. Promotion Opportunities
Every employee at Amazon has the opportunity to grow in their role and take on new challenges. Software engineers who go above and beyond their job duties and show their potential are more likely to get promoted. Moving up the ranks at Amazon corresponds to an increase in salary and more responsibilities. Moving from an entry level software engineer to a senior software engineer, or even a principal software engineer, can significantly increase your salary.

3. Vertical and Lateral Movement
In addition to the promotion opportunities, Amazon offers vertical and lateral movement opportunities for its employees. Vertical movement entails employees moving up the corporate ladder by moving into management positions. Lateral movement involves transferring an employee from one department to another. Both vertical and lateral movement allows software engineers to learn new skills, and build relationships with new coworkers, which ultimately gives them a higher chance of getting promoted in the future.

4. Salary Growth
As entry level software engineers at Amazon gain more years of experience, they increase their chances of salary growth. Amazon has an annual review process that accounts for performance, impact on the company, and several other factors that influence employees’ salaries. Apart from the annual review process, Amazon also offers performance-based bonuses that significantly contribute to an individual’s salary growth. Higher ranking software engineers receive more compensation in Amazon’s equity, which adds to their overall salary.

5. Industry Reports on Salary Growth
Several industry reports suggest that the salary growth of software engineers at Amazon is one of the highest in the tech sector. Based on reports from Indeed, the average salary of an entry level software engineer at Amazon is $126,503 per year, with high performers earning up to $164,025 a year. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a software engineer at Amazon rises to $155,000 after just three years of experience. The reports indicate that Amazon is continuously striving to remain competitive in the tech industry by offering competitive and attractive salaries to its employees.

By taking advantage of the numerous professional development opportunities and demonstrating exceptional performance, entry level software engineers at Amazon have the potential to grow their salaries and advance their careers rapidly. With a promising career path, several opportunities for career advancement, and competitive salaries, Amazon is undoubtedly an excellent place for aspiring software engineers to kick-start their careers.

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