Civil Engineer Basic Salary In Dubai


Civil engineers are the driving force behind many projects in construction, manufacturing and infrastructure, and the pay for these professionals reflects the importance of their contribution. In Dubai specifically, civil engineers have an interesting pay scale and conditions. This article looks at the overall salary level, examines the civil engineer wages in Dubai more closely, and provides insight into what you need to know about the employment conditions.

An Overview of Civil Engineer Salaries in Dubai

The median annual salary for Civil Engineers in Dubai is roughly AED 96,472, which works out to about a monthly salary of Dh 6000, and an hourly rate of AED 41. Of course, the exact amount can vary depending on the qualifications of the engineer, the company they work for, and the project or tasks they undertake. However, the overall wages for technicians and engineers in Dubai across all industries have increased over time, and most civil engineering jobs pay above-average salaries.

A Careful Analysis of Civil Engineer Wages in Dubai

When analyzing the salaries for civil engineers in Dubai, key factors include the industry, qualifications, experience and specific job role. A civil engineer specialising in construction might have a slightly different salary level than an engineer focusing on infrastructure design, while leading engineering firms can provide higher salaries and better benefits. Other factors include location, with wages for civil engineers being higher in Dubai than in other parts of the U.A.E. Also, it is worth considering secondary benefits like bonuses and other incentives when looking at the overall wage level.

What You Need to Know About Civil Engineer Pay in Dubai

Overall, most civil engineers in Dubai can expect to receive wages that are slightly above average for the U.A.E. It is essential to bear in mind the factors which can influence salaries for this profession, including:

  • Location: Salaries tend to be higher in Dubai than other parts of the U.A.E.
  • Experience: Those with more experience will command higher salaries.
  • Qualifications: Higher qualifications may lead to higher wages.
  • Job Role: Different roles offer different wages.
  • Company: Top firms tend to provide superior salaries.


In conclusion, civil engineers in Dubai generally have the potential to earn well, with wages and benefits that are competitive compared to other professions. Of course, the exact salary level depends on the factors discussed in this article, but overall, civil engineers in Dubai have the potential to command above-average wages if they find the right job role, experience and qualifications.

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