The Average Salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Overview of Business Intelligence Engineer Role at Amazon

Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon Salary

Being a Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE) at Amazon is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for individuals who have a passion for data analysis, coding, and problem-solving. BIEs are responsible for designing and implementing scalable data solutions that support Amazon’s decision-making processes.

Their main focus is to identify and gather relevant business data from various sources, including operational databases, web traffic, and customer feedback, to transform it into actionable insights. These insights drive Amazon’s strategic decisions, enhance customer experience, and optimize business operations.

Business Intelligence Engineers work closely with cross-functional teams, including software developers, data scientists, and business stakeholders, to understand business requirements and ensure the development of robust data analytics solutions. They are expected to be proficient in programming languages such as SQL, Python, or R; have a strong understanding of data modeling, data warehousing, and data visualizations techniques.

As a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing and developing scalable data pipelines and analytical tools that support business metrics tracking and reporting.
  • Working closely with data scientists, machine learning experts, and software developers to identify and implement data analytics solutions that meet business requirements.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data, and identifying and resolving data quality issues.
  • Providing technical leadership and mentorship to junior BI engineers.
  • Developing and deploying robust data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Collaborating with business stakeholders to identify and prioritize data-driven business opportunities and initiatives.

The role of a Business Intelligence Engineer can be both demanding and exciting. Amazon values innovation, and BIEs are expected to contribute new ideas that solve complex business problems. They are also responsible for managing and optimizing large sets of data critical to the operation of an online business like Amazon.

Overall, a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon must be a keen problem solver and be able to work with large sets of data to identify insights and opportunities for the business.

In terms of salary, Amazon pays its Business Intelligence Engineers an average of $115,321 per year, with some senior engineers earning upwards of $182,000 annually.

Factors Affecting Business Intelligence Engineer Salary at Amazon

business intelligence engineer salary amazon

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world, offering diverse employment opportunities for many professionals including business intelligence engineers. The role of business intelligence engineers at Amazon is to analyze complex business data and provide insights and solutions that improve Amazon’s operations. As such, Amazon pays its business intelligence engineers highly competitive salaries that are influenced by several factors such as:

1. Level of Education and Experience

As with all other professions, the level of education and years of experience play a significant role in an Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer’s salary. Amazon usually recruits highly qualified persons for its business intelligence engineering roles, starting from a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, statistics, or mathematics. After a degree, Amazon seeks individuals who have amassed several years of experience (usually five years or more) working in data analytics, business intelligence tools, and complex data manipulation techniques. With an advanced degree (such as an MBA), one can expect to receive a higher starting salary and better benefits compared to those with only a Bachelor’s degree.

2. Location

Eastside Seattle

The location of the Amazon facility where a business intelligence engineer works has a significant impact on their salary. Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, where the cost of living is relatively high. Consequently, business intelligence engineers working in Seattle are paid higher salaries than those working in Amazon’s other locations. However, Amazon has many facilities all across America, with Eastside Seattle, Cambridge, and San Jose being some of the highest paying locations.

3. Technical Skills and Certifications

The level of technical skills and certifications a business intelligence engineer has significantly influences their salary at Amazon. Amazon values individuals with specialized technical skills such as machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, and data architecture. These skills are increasingly becoming more relevant and valuable in the technology market, thus, certified professionals with these skills earn higher salaries. A certified AWS Solutions Architect, for example, can demand a higher salary than someone without such certifications.

4. Performance Bonuses and Stock Options

In addition to a fixed salary, Amazon business intelligence engineers receive performance bonuses and stock options that significantly influence their overall compensation. These bonuses are contingent on the engineer’s performance and the company’s performance. High-performing employees will receive higher bonuses and, in some cases, stock options that are tied to the performance of the company. Amazon’s stock price has been skyrocketing, and the stock options given to employees have proven to be an essential part of their compensation.

5. Role Specialization

Amazon business intelligence engineers work in various roles that require different levels of skills and experience. As such, the specialized role that one playswill influence their salary. For example, business intelligence managers are in charge of overseeing teams and operations, and they are expected to earn significantly higher salaries than entry-level engineers. Additionally, Amazon has specialists that focus on specific areas of BI such as machine learning, data warehousing, and reporting. Such specialized roles also come with higher salaries.

In conclusion, Business intelligence engineers’ salaries at Amazon are influenced by multiple factors. Getting a degree and certification in skills such as machine learning, big data analytics, and cloud computing can increase an individual’s earning potential. The location of the Amazon facility where the engineer works also plays a significant role in how much they are paid. Lastly, a business intelligence engineer’s specialized role in the company and the level of experience they have will determine how much they are paid.

Average Salary of Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Business Intelligence Engineer Salary Amazon

Amazon is one of the top technology companies in the world, and its employees are compensated very well for their work. The average salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is highly competitive, and those in this role can expect to earn several hundred thousand dollars per year, depending on their experience level and qualifications.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is around $120,000 per year. However, this is just the starting point, and many engineers with more experience and skills can earn a lot more. Senior Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon can earn a top salary of around $290,000 per year, while Principal Business Intelligence Engineers can earn up to $340,000 annually.

It’s important to note that these figures are only averages and are subject to change based on many factors, such as location, industry trends, and candidate experience. In addition to their base salary, Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon may also be entitled to a wide variety of benefits, such as bonuses, stock options, and medical and dental insurance.

Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon must have a range of qualifications and skills to be successful in their role. These include expertise in data analysis and reporting, experience with at least one programming language, and strong problem-solving skills. They must also have a deep understanding of the business and technical requirements of their organization, as well as the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams to meet their goals.

There are many opportunities for Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon to advance their careers and increase their earnings. They may choose to focus on a specific area of expertise, such as data warehousing or data visualization. Alternatively, they may wish to pursue a leadership role, such as a Manager or Director of Business Intelligence Engineering, which can come with additional responsibilities and higher compensation.

In conclusion, the average salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is highly competitive, and those in this role can earn several hundred thousand dollars per year. While the specific amount that they earn will depend on many factors, Business Intelligence Engineers can expect to earn a comfortable six-figure salary with ample opportunities for career advancement.

Range of Salaries for Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Salary Range

Amazon, one of the world’s largest companies, is known for its high salaries and generous compensation packages. Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon are highly valued due to their technical expertise, analytical skills, and ability to interpret complex data. As a result, they command competitive salaries in the tech industry.

The salary range for Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon varies depending on their role, location, experience, and skill set. According to Glassdoor, a popular job and recruiting site, the average base pay for a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is around $105,000 per year. The salary range typically falls between $85,000 to $146,000 per year.

However, these numbers are not set in stone. Several factors can influence the salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon, such as:

1. Role

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Role

The type of role that a Business Intelligence Engineer occupies will directly impact their salary. At Amazon, Business Intelligence Engineers can be categorized as regular full-time employees, contract workers, or interns. The pay structure, benefits, and work experience vary from one role to another. Contract workers, for instance, may receive different benefits than full-time employees.

2. Location

Seattle Skyline

Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, but has offices and facilities across the globe. Business Intelligence Engineers stationed in more expensive cities can expect to earn higher salaries compared to those based in smaller towns. In general, salaries are higher in the United States, particularly in tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City.

3. Experience

Business Intelligence Engineer Job Experience

The level of experience that a Business Intelligence Engineer has will also impact their salary. In general, more experienced employees earn higher salaries because they bring more value to their role. Amazon values previous work experience, especially in the tech industry. Therefore, a candidate with several years of relevant experience can expect to earn a higher salary than a recent college graduate.

4. Skill Set

Business Intelligence Engineer Skills

Amazon values a diverse skill set and applicants with unique talents. The Business Intelligence Engineer role requires a variety of technical and analytical skills, including proficiency in SQL, Python, and cloud technologies like AWS. Candidates who possess these skills may earn higher salaries compared to those who don’t. Additionally, employees who acquire additional skills during their tenure are often rewarded with higher salaries and promotions.

In conclusion, Business Intelligence Engineers at Amazon play a critical role in the company’s operations and are well-compensated for their efforts. While salaries may vary, employees at Amazon can expect to earn competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and additional perks.

Benefits and Perks of Being a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Benefits and Perks of Being a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Being a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon comes with a lot of benefits and perks. Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. Competitive Salary

The salary of a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is highly competitive. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for this position is around $130,000 per year. This is significantly higher than the national average salary for similar positions in other companies. In addition to the base salary, Amazon also offers bonuses and stocks, which can significantly increase the total compensation package.

2. Comprehensive Health Benefits

Amazon offers comprehensive health benefits to its employees, including medical, dental, and vision coverage. The coverage is available to the employees, as well as their dependents. Amazon also offers a health savings account (HSA), which allows employees to save pre-tax dollars for medical expenses. In addition to the health benefits, Amazon also offers wellness programs, such as on-site fitness centers and free healthy snacks.

3. Generous Retirement Benefits

Amazon offers a 401(k) plan with a company match of up to 4% of the employee’s salary. The plan is available to employees immediately and comes with a wide range of investment options. Amazon also offers a pension plan, which is rare in the modern corporate world. The pension plan provides retirement benefits based on the employee’s salary and years of service.

4. Generous Vacation Policy

Amazon offers a generous vacation policy, which increases with the tenure of the employee. The policy starts with two weeks of paid time off (PTO) and goes up to six weeks for employees with more than six years of tenure. Amazon also offers flexible work arrangements, such as work from home options, which allow employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

5. Learning and Development Opportunities

Amazon is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving company, which requires employees to constantly upskill and learn new things. In order to promote continuous learning, Amazon offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities to its employees. These opportunities include mentorship programs, on-the-job training, and tuition reimbursement for degree programs. Amazon also offers a program called “Career Choice,” which pays up to 95% of the tuition for eligible employees to attend courses related to in-demand fields, regardless of whether those skills are needed for their current job at Amazon.

In conclusion, being a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon comes with a lot of benefits and perks, including a competitive salary, comprehensive health benefits, generous retirement benefits, a generous vacation policy, and numerous learning and development opportunities. All these benefits and perks, in addition to the challenging and exciting work, make Amazon a great place to work for Business Intelligence Engineers.

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