Average Salary of Software Engineer In Europe

Average Salary of Software Engineer In Europe

The tech industry is ever-evolving, and the salaries of software engineers have been steadily increasing – a trend that can be seen across much of Europe. But with so many countries and tech hubs, just how much does a software engineer earn on average across Europe? Let’s look into the data and uncover the facts.

Software Engineer Salaries: An Overview of Europe

Many of the biggest names in European technology are based in the UK, especially in London. According to salary comparison website PayScale, the average salary for a software engineer in the UK ranges from £30,935 – £55,038 per year. Next in line for software engineer salaries is Germany. As one of the largest economies in Europe, it comes as no surprise that tech salaries are paying very competitive figures. The average software engineer salary in Germany is around €54,000 per year. Meanwhile, software engineers in the Netherlands can expect to net an average salary of €46,000 per year, closely followed by Ireland’s €44,000. As for Scandinavia, the picture changes. Finnish software engineers are looking at €44,000 annually, while Swedish engineers can expect to earn a generous €48,000 per year.

Unlocking the Average European Software Engineer Wage

So, what is the average European software engineer salary? Taking all countries into consideration, the average software engineer salary in Europe is approximately €46,700 per year ($54,000 USD). That said, the exact figure will depend on age, experience, and skillset. But salaries for software engineers in Europe go further than just the average figure. With the right qualifications, software engineers in Belgium and France can achieve salaries of €60,000 per year, while the most experienced software engineers with expertise in niche areas might even garner salaries of €90,000 or more each year.


Software engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs in today’s fast-moving digital world – so it’s no surprise that salaries for software engineers in Europe are going from strength to strength. While the exact salary an engineer can expect to earn is based on factors such as experience and skills, the average software engineer salary in Europe stands around €46,700 per year. This places it firmly amongst some of the highest paid salaries on the continent – something that’s sure to attract the world’s best tech talent to European shores.

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