Average Salary of Software Engineer at Apple

Average Salary of Software Engineer at Apple

At Apple, software engineering has always been at the forefront of their innovation, pushing boundaries and creating exciting new products for consumers. Such dedication to excellence has a clear pull—namely, a top-notch salary. This article examines the average salary of software engineers at Apple, and how that might influence someone’s decision about a career in tech.

Exploring the Rewards of Apple Engineer Excellence

Starting with the basics, the average software engineer salary at Apple is over $100,000 annually—dependent on years of experience, location, programming skills, and other factors. Such a salary is a testament to Apple’s commitment to their employees, and as software engineering continues to evolve, Apple’s demand for top-notch engineers will undoubtedly rise. Besides the numbers, there are also other idiosyncratic rewards of engineering at Apple, such as the undeniable novelty of working with cutting-edge technology and products, from hardware to software. Also, engineers at Apple are encouraged to be creative and learn new developing methods, making the job less of a robot-like experience and more an ever-changing playground of innovative ideas and strategies. Moreover, unlike many tech giants, Apple is constantly breaking boundaries, and as such, provides its engineers with the opportunity to use creative thinking and career-building experiences to truly drive their work.

Computers and Salary: A Look at Software Engineering at Apple

One of the key features that attracts software engineers to Apple is the fact that they have multiple platforms for Apple products, including:

• MacOS

The Mac operating system powers all of Macbooks, desktops and other computers. As such, Apple engineers can expect to be developing on this platform and even creating apps and software for it.

• iOS

The operating system for Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods, iOS is a trusted platform for developers and requires a certain level of experience and know-how that Apple has managed to cultivate within its engineering teams.

• tvOS

As Apple continues to progress in TV’s and streaming, a software engineer at Apple could expect to become part of the team building apps, programming, and coding for tvOS.


In conclusion, Apple is an exciting and rewarding place to be for a software engineer. Not only can they reap the prize of a top-notch salary, but also be part of a creative team, pushing boundaries and contributing to products that make a real-world impact.

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