Average Salary of Mechanical Engineer In US

Introduction: Every day, mechanical engineers strive to solve the world’s most complex problems—solving for industry, agriculture, and renewable energy, among other fields. Coupled with an impressive educational background and often multiple decades of experience, these engineers often command highly lucrative salaries. As such, it can be immensely helpful to explore the average salary of mechanical engineers in the US so that you can weigh potential career options.

Riding High on a Wave of Success: Exploring the Average Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in the US

The average mechanical engineer salary variesfrom state to state, as well as from experience level to experience level. According to Salary.com, the median mechanical engineering salary in the US is €82,378 annually, or roughly €14.08 per hour. Some states, such as California, offer a higher median salary than the national average. Of course, the location in which a mechanical engineer works often influences salary. Those who find themselves employed in the busy Silicon Valley will likely find higher salaries than in other regions.

Calculating Potential: Understanding What Drives Mechanical Engineering Salaries in the US

The amount of experience a mechanical engineer brings to the table is a big part of what influences their pay. There are other driving forces too, however. Employers will often fill engineer roles with candidates that possess a higher education. If a mechanical engineer has a degree from a prestigious institution, or multiple degrees from any institution, this can result in a much higher salary. Certain certifications can also result in pay bumps. For instance, the American Board of Engineering and Technology offers certifications in mechanical engineering that employers often find incredibly valuable. In doing so, employers know that the engineer has displayed a level of mastery in a specified field of engineering.

Taking the Plunge: What You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Career in the US

If you’re considering pursuing a career as a mechanical engineer the US, you’ll likely need to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering as a minimum. This degree can often be obtained in four years through a variety of accredited universities. It could be well worth your while to double major or obtain a minor to stand out from the competition. Moreover, obtaining internships can provide an incredibly valuable point of entry into the field. Depending on the role and the material you cover during your internships, you can go on to land impressive job opportunities with high salaries. Conclusion: It’s clear that a career as a mechanical engineer in the US can offer potential for high-paying positions. The national median salary for mechanical engineers is €82,378 per year. Of course, location, experience, education, and certifications can all drive wages further into the high-valued range. If you’re looking to pursue a career in this field, it’s important that you obtain the necessary degrees and certifications, while also considering internships. Only with this combination can you make the most of a career in mechanical engineering.

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