Average Salary In France For Engineer

Average Salary In France For Engineer


It’s no secret that a career in engineering can pay extremely well. But how does the average salary for engineers compare to other countries around the world? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at engineer salaries in France, introducing the typical paychecks for various professions and peeling back the curtain to show the mean salaries of French engineers. So what do French engineers make? Read on to find out.

Unveiling France’s Engineer Paychecks

France is known for being a frontrunner in the engineering industry. The nation boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure and an abundance of engineering opportunities, making it a coveted destination for engineers looking for employment. Engineering salaries in France are also rather attractive, with engineers earning a median base salary of €48,165 (before taxes) according to data from Indeed.com. The amount of money engineers make in France varies depending on their specialties. For instance, mechanical engineers have an average base salary of €50,38, electrical engineers earn a slightly lower amount of €47,530, and civil engineers make a bit less than that amount with an average salary of €45,808.

Examining the Mean Salaries of French Engineers

When examining salaries in France for engineers, the mean salaries are actually higher than the national average salary of €14,537 – particularly in large cities where demand for engineers is higher. In Paris, the mean salary for a software engineer is €70,705, with electrical engineers earning €58,102 and mechanical engineers making €54,738. In the urban areas of Lyon and Marseille, engineers earn slightly lower amounts, for instance, software engineers make €60,908 in Marseille, while mechanical and electrical engineers make €50,165 and €47,611 respectively. In the city of Toulouse, the average salaries are also lower outweigh – software engineers make €60,887; mechanical engineers make €48,276; and electrical engineers make €45,712.

Crunching the Numbers: What Do French Engineers Make?

Overall the average salary for engineers in France is €48,165, with software engineers making the most wages at €70,705 – almost double the median salary. Mechanical and electrical engineers in France both make around the same amount, with figures ranging from €47,611 to €50,380. Finally, civil engineers earn a slightly lower amount, with the average salary clocking in at €45,808.


All in all, engineering is a lucrative and highly sought-after profession in France, with wages lower than Paris, but still significantly higher than the national average. For those considering a career in engineering, France is a great option, as engineering salaries in France remain highly competitive and most engineers earn well over €48,165 per year.

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