Average Project Manager Salary In UAE

Average Project Manager Salary In UAE


The average pay package of a Project Manager in the UAE has serious implications for those who choose to stay and build a career in the Middle East. Working out the best fit for both employer and employee can be tricky, so in this article, we’ll dig deep into all aspects of the average Project Manager salary in the UAE – from what the middle ground looks like for pay packages to the various ways you can maximize your earning potential.

Cracking the Salary Code: Average Project Manager Salary in the UAE

Familiarizing yourself with the average Project Manager salary in the UAE is the first step to making sure you’re not leaving money on the table. At the time of writing, the average salary of a Project Manager in the UAE is AED 203,300, making it one of the highest paid positions in the region. However, your pay package is contingent upon many factors that range from the years of experience you bring to the table to the company you’re seeking employment with. As such, don’t expect salaries to remain the same across the board, nor should you assume the salary you’re offered is set in stone.

Magnifying the Middle Ground: A Comprehensive Look at Pay Packages

When it comes to the Middle East, some of the highest paying countries are also the ones with the widest disparity between salaries. From entry to mid-level Project Manager roles, salaries tend to start around AED 68,000 and can span up to AED 144,000 annually. The higher end of the spectrum typically belongs to individuals with more experience who have been in the industry for 5 years or more, as well as those who are actively managing project portfolios or entire departments in their organization. The higher salaries also correspond to the amount of responsibility assumed by a Project Manager and depend heavily upon the scale of the projects they’re managing.

Making the Most of Your Earning Potential: Salary Analysis for Project Managers in the UAE

Considering the opportunities for advancement in the Project Manager field in the UAE, there are several tactics a job seeker can employ to ensure they’re not missing out on their full earning potential. Here’s a list of methods for maximizing your salary:

  • Seek professional certifications – Certification from the Project Management Institute can boost your job prospects and even result in increased pay.
  • Be proactive in learning – Use newscasts, podcasts and online conversations to stay ahead of the curve with your project management skills.
  • Network – Building relationships with mentors and peers in the industry can help you secure more rewarding job opportunities.
  • Negotiate your pay – Make sure your qualifications and accomplishments are clear to your potential employer, and be confident in negotiating a salary package that is reflective of your value.


All in all, the average salary of a Project Manager in the UAE makes it an attractive choice for job seekers looking for a secure career in the Middle East. With the right level of qualifications, certifications and experience, one can easily fetch a salary that is reflective of the value they bring to the table. As always, it is important to validate available information and remain selectively cautious when making choices that could have long-term consequences on one’s career and prospects.

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