Automation Test Engineer Salary In Canada


Canada is home to many tech-industry jobs, including the role of Automation Test Engineer. Automation Test Engineers are responsible for the development and maintenance of automated tests for software and applications. So, what is the salary for an Automation Test Engineer in Canada? It turns out that salaries for Automation Test Engineers can vary greatly depending on the experience and scope of knowledge of the individual.

Exploring the Salary of Automation Test Engineers in Canada

The average salary range for Automation Test Engineers in Canada is approximately $56,000 to $110,000 per year. This range is attributed to the requirements for experience and education, as well as the extent of the job duties and features worked on. Automation Test Engineers in the software development sector can expect to earn a higher salary than those working on other types of projects.

Analyzing the Impact of Experience on Automation Test Engineering Salaries

The experience of a Test Engineer is a major factor when it comes to their salary. Automation Test Engineers with more than three years of experience can expect to earn a salary that is higher than those with less than three years of experience. Automation Test Engineers with more than six years of experience should expect to earn a salary that is considerably higher than their counterparts with three to five years of experience.

Discovering Opportunities in Canada’s Automation Test Engineering Market

Canada offers a number of employment opportunities for Automation Test Engineers. Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal are some of the cities that have a large number of jobs for Automation Test Engineers. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft are in the leading positions of hiring automation engineers, and the salaries offered by these companies are on the higher side. Job openings in Canada typically require Automation Test Engineers to have strong programming skills and extensive knowledge of automated testing processes.


In conclusion, Automation Test Engineers in Canada enjoy a competitive salary range. Experience and specialized skills are key factors when it comes to salary level, and the job opportunities in Canada for Automation Test Engineers are abundant. If you are looking for a career in Automation Test Engineering, Canada is an excellent place to start.

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