Assistant Manager Engineer Salary In Dubai

While the standard salary of an engineer assistant manager in Dubai is within an average range, the actual pay of an engineer working in the city may reach higher-than-expected highs. This is due to the demographics and range of industries that Dubai caters to. While the market in the emirate is competitive, it is clear that those who hold positions of higher responsibility in engineering, such as assistant manager, benefit from the salary they can demand. The demand for qualified engineers in Dubai is considerable; this is due to a range of economic activities, from construction projects to technology companies. As a result, the cost of labour has gone up significantly in the past few years, with the salaries of engineers reflecting this. Those in assistant manager roles are typically paid well in Dubai, with salaries around the AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 mark ($4,000 to $5,400). This is a significant amount of money, and in comparison with other countries, the rate for assistant manager engineers in Dubai is higher. For example, in the United States an engineer in a similar role may expect to earn around the $3,000 or $4,000 monthly mark. This is evidence of why there is often a high valuation for engineer assistant managers in the city of Dubai.

What Drives Open Market Salaries for Engineers in Dubai?

Much of the demand for engineers in Dubai is not contained within the private sector, but is driven by government-led projects. For example, much of the modern infrastructure, such as Dubai International Airport, Deira Islands, Dubai Mall and the Palm Jumeirah, is the result of major construction projects which require the expertise of highly skilled and experienced engineers. As such, engineering salaries are often higher in Dubai than in other markets in the Middle East. The reason for this, apart from the demand for experienced engineers for the major projects, is because the technology industry relies heavily on highly skilled engineers. Companies out of Silicon Oasis, the region’s main technology hub, are in constant search to bring the best engineers to the market, pushing wages up for those in assistant manager roles. It is this competition among private and public corporations for experienced engineers that drives salaries of assistant engineers higher. Adding to this is the fact that Dubai also caters to a number of international engineering firms, those based out of Europe, America, Asia Pacific or Australia, for example, are likely to pay higher wages to those in managerial positions.

Making the Most of Your Investment in an Engineer Assistant Manager Position in Dubai

The high salaries of engineers in Dubai can be attributed to a number of factors, but in order to make the most of these rewards, assistant managers would be smart to invest in a range of qualifications. This means enrolling in engineering certifications or acquiring overall technical knowledge and skills relating to engineering topics such as systems engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, or civil engineering. Such qualifications or technical knowledge will not only increase the prospect of finding a good job in the jam-packed market, but will also help ensure you are among the higher earners in the city. There are also options to gain engineering qualifications through online courses, making it easier to stay competitive in the job market. Conclusion Dubai is fast becoming an engineering hub, and those experienced and qualified in engineering assistant manager roles can reap the financial rewards this entails. While it is true the cost of labour has gone up, salaries for engineers remain competitive and higher than those in many other parts of the world. Thus, with the right qualifications and credentials, engineers in the city of Dubai can expect to be well-paid.

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