Amazon Software Engineer Intern Salary: Competitive Compensation for Aspiring Engineers

How much does Amazon pay its software engineering interns?

Amazon software engineering intern salary

Amazon is one of the world’s largest tech companies, and it pays its software engineering interns generously. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Amazon software engineering intern is about $7,804 per month. This would amount to a total annual salary of around $93,648.

However, it’s important to note that this is only an average. Salaries for software engineering interns at Amazon can vary based on a number of factors, such as location, experience, and job performance. In some cases, interns may also receive additional benefits, such as housing stipends or signing bonuses.

One of the biggest factors affecting a software engineering intern’s salary at Amazon is the location of the internship. Generally speaking, interns who work in expensive cities like New York, San Francisco, or Seattle can expect to earn more than those who work in other cities or regions. For example, an intern working in Seattle could earn around $8,788 per month, while an intern working in Phoenix might only earn around $5,859 per month.

Another factor that can affect an Amazon software engineering intern’s salary is their level of experience and education. Generally speaking, interns who have more technical skills or relevant experience may be able to command higher salaries. Additionally, those who are pursuing advanced degrees in computer science or related fields may be eligible for higher salaries or special compensation packages.

Performance is also an important driver of intern compensation at Amazon. According to reports, interns who perform well during their internships can earn additional compensation or may be offered full-time positions after graduation. This is a clear incentive for interns to work hard and make the most of their internship experience.

In addition to salary, Amazon’s software engineering interns can also enjoy a range of other benefits and perks. For example, interns may be eligible for stock options, which can be a great way to build wealth and share in the company’s success. Additionally, interns can take advantage of Amazon’s flexible work policies, which allow them to work remotely or adjust their schedules as needed.

In conclusion, Amazon is a top employer in the tech industry, and it pays its software engineering interns well. While the average salary for an Amazon software engineering intern is about $7,804 per month, interns can earn more or less depending on a range of factors. With the potential for additional benefits and performance-based compensation, an Amazon software engineering internship is a highly attractive opportunity for aspiring tech professionals.

Factors that affect software engineering intern salaries at Amazon

Salary Factors at Amazon

Amazon has always been a well-known name in the technology industry, providing ample opportunities for software engineering interns to advance and grow their careers. The salary paid to the interns is one of the many factors that attract young and talented individuals to Amazon. A software engineering intern at Amazon can expect a salary range of $6,000 to $9,000 a month. However, the salary may vary depending on a few factors. In this article, we will explore in detail the various factors that affect software engineering intern salaries at Amazon.

1. Education Level

Education Level

The educational qualifications that a software engineering intern possesses plays a significant role in the salary offered by Amazon. Generally, individuals with higher educational qualifications such as a master’s degree or Ph.D., tend to have better chances of securing high salaries. Furthermore, having a degree from a prestigious university or technical institute also adds value and weightage to an individual’s profile. Amazon puts a premium on highly skilled and specialized candidates and compensates them accordingly. Therefore, software engineering interns with higher educational qualifications and specialized skills can expect higher salaries than their counterparts.

2. Work Experience

Work Experience

Another factor that affects software engineering intern salaries at Amazon is prior work experience. Interns with prior work experience in the technology industry and those who have worked on relevant projects are more likely to be offered higher salaries. The previous work experience not only demonstrates the candidate’s expertise and skills but also reflects their commitment and dedication to the field. Candidates who have worked in a similar role or technology stack are more likely to be productive and make an impact right from the start of their internship. This factor is considered especially significant for longer internships spanning over nine to twelve months.

3. Location


The geographical location of Amazon offices is another factor that plays a crucial role in determining the salary of software engineering interns. The cost of living in different regions is vastly different, and as such, the salary offered also reflects the same. For instance, interns working in Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle can expect a higher salary than those working in smaller satellite offices or offsite locations. This adjustment is made to ensure that interns are compensated adequately to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

4. Technical Skills

Technical Skills

The technical skills possessed by a software engineering intern are another critical factor that determines the salary offered by Amazon. The software industry is very dynamic, and developers need to be continuously upskilled to remain relevant and competitive. Therefore, developers with specialized technical skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Blockchain are in high demand and command higher salaries. In contrast, interns with more generalized skills or those lacking in demonstrable technical skills can expect lower salaries.

5. Performance


Finally, performance is a crucial factor that determines the salary offered to software engineering interns at Amazon. Amazon considers all interns as potential employees and provides them with numerous opportunities to showcase their skills and abilities. The company conducts regular reviews and evaluations of interns to identify high performers and offer them permanent positions at the end of their internships. Such performers may also get bonuses and incentives tied to their performance. Therefore, interns who perform well, take initiative, and bring a positive impact to the team and the organization can expect higher salaries than average.

In conclusion, Amazon offers excellent opportunities for software engineering interns to embark on their careers. However, the salary offered to interns is influenced by various factors such as education level, work experience, location, technical skills, and performance. Prospective interns must keep these factors in mind while applying for internships and upskilling themselves to enhance their chances of landing the best possible roles.

Salary comparison: Amazon vs other top tech companies for software engineering interns

Amazon vs other top tech companies for software engineering interns

The technology industry is a highly competitive sector. Companies are always seeking top talent to add to their workforce to execute innovative ideas. Software engineering is one of the hottest fields in technology, with companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft making major investments in hiring the best software engineers. These companies offer internships to up-and-coming software engineering graduates to gain experience in their company and provide them with the platform to launch their career.

As an Amazon software engineering intern, the average salary is reportedly between $7,000 and $8,000 per month. It is important to note that the salary varies depending on the student’s qualifications, the location they are based in, their level of experience, and other factors. Furthermore, Amazon provides several perks to its interns, such as free housing, relocation assistance, flexible work schedules, and the chance to work alongside experienced professionals in the industry.

When one considers that Amazon is one of the largest companies globally and is known for its dynamic working environment, the intern salary packages are competitive for the highest quality of work they expect. However, how does Amazon stack up against other leading tech companies for software engineering intern salaries?


Google vs Amazon tech intern salaries

Google offers its software engineering interns an impressive salary. The average monthly salary for an intern is $7,088, which is close to that of Amazon. Google also provides its interns with free housing, transportation, fitness centers, and gourmet meals. Plus, Google is known for its innovative and forward-thinking culture, which attracts some of the world’s top talent.


Facebook vs Amazon tech intern salaries

Facebook is another top technology company that offers a competitive salary package for its software engineering interns. The average monthly salary for a Facebook intern is $8,000, which is a little higher than Amazon’s offer. Facebook offers additional perks such as free housing, transport, ensured mentorship opportunities, reimbursed transport, and other amenities for a highly productive work environment.


Microsoft vs Amazon tech intern salaries

Microsoft offers a highly competitive salary for its software engineering interns. Microsoft offers its interns an average monthly salary of $7,100, which is also close to Amazon’s offer. Microsoft also provides its interns with free housing and all transport needs for their entire duration of their internship. Microsoft is renowned for its mentorship programs and growth avenues provided to its employees and that is a highly valuable plus for those starting out in their careers.

In conclusion, Amazon is among the tech giants that offer a highly attractive salary for its software engineering interns. However, it is worth noting that other top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft almost equalize Amazon’s offer. Nonetheless, whether an intern decides to choose Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or other top companies in technology, they will surely get to work with the best and hone their skills in their careers.

Potential Financial Benefits for Amazon Software Engineering Interns Beyond Base Salary

Salary package for interns in Amazon

Amazon is one of the most renowned and highest-paying tech companies, with an average software engineer salary much higher than the industry standard. Software engineering interns at Amazon are also eligible for many financial benefits that go beyond their base salary. These benefits can add up to make a significant difference in their overall compensation package.

Relocation Expenses

Amazon onboarding incentives

Amazon offers a relocation package to all its employees, including interns. This package is meant to cover the expenses associated with relocating to one of Amazon’s offices. It includes the cost of travel, temporary housing, and other relocation expenses. Interns who move from a different state or country to join Amazon as an intern can benefit from this package, which varies depending on their location and experience level. The relocation package can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Healthcare and Wellness Benefits

Amazon health insurance

Amazon provides comprehensive healthcare coverage to its interns. This includes medical, dental, and vision insurance. Interns can receive preventative care, emergency services, prescription drugs, and many other healthcare benefits. Amazon also offers wellness benefits that include gym memberships, fitness classes, and other health-related perks. These wellness benefits not only promote healthy living but also help interns reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Stocks and Bonuses

Amazon stock options for interns

Amazon offers interns the opportunity to receive stock options as part of their compensation package. These stock options give interns the right to buy Amazon’s shares at a lower price than the market value. The stocks can be vested over a period of time or awarded upon the completion of the internship. Amazon also provides bonuses to its interns, which are based on their performance and the success of the company. These bonuses can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Learning and Development Opportunities

Amazon learning and development

Amazon is known for its innovation and commitment to technology. As an intern, an individual has the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best engineers, product managers, and designers. Amazon also provides learning and development opportunities for its interns, including online courses, training sessions, mentorship, and networking events. These opportunities not only help interns grow as professionals but also enhance their chances of getting a full-time job at Amazon after the completion of their internship.

In conclusion, software engineering interns at Amazon can benefit from various financial incentives beyond their base salary. From healthcare coverage and wellness benefits to stock options and bonuses, the overall package can make a significant difference in an intern’s compensation. Beyond these financial incentives, the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s brightest minds and receive top-notch training and development can jumpstart an individual’s career in the technology industry.

Tips for negotiating salary as an Amazon software engineering intern

Tips for negotiating salary as an Amazon software engineering intern

As an Amazon software engineering intern, negotiating salaries can be a daunting task. However, it is essential to remember that interns play a crucial role in the success of the company and are an investment for the future. Here are some tips for negotiating a fair salary as an Amazon software engineering intern:

1. Research Industry Standards

Before starting the negotiation process, it is crucial to research industry standards, including salaries for software engineering interns. Use websites such as Glassdoor to see what other companies are offering their interns. This will give you a realistic idea of what the range of salaries is for your position.

2. Understand your Role

It is important to understand your role as a software engineering intern. This includes your responsibilities, expected outcomes, and how much value you bring to the company. Use this information during negotiations to showcase your unique skills and the contribution you can make to the company.

3. Don’t Undervalue your Worth

Do not undervalue your worth when negotiating. Although internships are temporary, remember that you are still contributing to the company’s success, and that should be reflected in your salary. Be confident about your abilities and ask for what you believe is fair.

4. Consider other Benefits

Salary is not the only factor to consider during negotiations. Other benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and a flexible work schedule should also be considered. These benefits can significantly impact your overall compensation package and should be discussed during negotiations.

5. Be Prepared to Compromise

Be Prepared to Compromise

When negotiating, it is crucial to be prepared to compromise. Consider what you would be willing to accept as a minimum salary and what benefits are non-negotiable. If the initial salary offer is lower than expected, you could request additional benefits or perks to make up for it. Be open to different options and solutions.

In Conclusion

Remember that the negotiation process is not a competition, but rather a discussion. Both parties should aim to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Be professional, be prepared, and be confident in your skills. By following these tips, you will be able to negotiate a fair salary and compensation package as an Amazon software engineering intern.

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