Aerospace Engineer Salary In Us Per Month

Aerospace Engineer Salary In Us Per Month

Soaring higher than any other profession, aerospace engineers not only take flight in their designs, but with their salaries too. Those who pursue a career in this engineering field have much to look forward to in terms of wages and rewards.

Soar to the Skies: Exploring an Aerospace Engineer’s Salary

Is pursing a career in aerospace engineering one of your dreams? You may be surprised to know that with it comes a handsome monthly salary. According to Paysa data from 2017, the average salary for aerospace engineers in the United States is $6,889 per month. However, this wage can dramatically increase based on experience, educational background, certifications, and which specific company you are employed with.

Many factors determine the salary range an aerospace engineer can expect. For instance, entry-level engineers may be compensated with $3,279 per month, while highly experienced senior-level engineers can make $13,571 per month. Industry and region also play a role in salary expectations. For example, aerospace engineers working for Airbus can expect to make more than those in a small local engineering firm. Additionally, aerospace engineers based in large cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles may also receive higher wages.

The Earnings of a Professional Jet Setter

A successful aerospace engineer can look forward to additional rewards not regularly associated with the majority of professions. In this field, engineers often:

  • Receive Bonuses – Aerospace engineers can be awarded a cash bonus of up to $5,000 for accomplishing complex design goals.
  • Enjoy Benefits and Other Perks – Such benefits are typically offered to professionally licensed aerospace engineers, such as medical, dental, life insurance, vacation, and other types of paid leave.
  • Travel – Aerospace engineers may also have the opportunity to go to exciting destinations for conferences, trade shows, and other professional events.

Aviation is an ever expanding field, with many opportunities for aerospace engineers to capitalize on. As technology continues to advance and safety regulations remain in the forefront, aerospace engineers can look forward to an upward trend in their wages.

To be sure, aerospace engineering is a lucrative career with plenty of potential rewards. High salaries, bonuses, travel, and other perks combine to make aerospace engineering a job with unbeatable earning opportunities.

In conclusion, aerospace engineers have an extraordinary career path ahead of them, with the potential to make well over $6,889 per month in the United States. With additional bonuses, benefits, and other perks, there is much to look forward to as an aerospace engineer.

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