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          social work



          • 100%的学生满意度

            Our highly popular (荣誉)文学士 社会工作 course scored 100% student satisfaction in 2019's National Student Survey, a fantastic endorsement from our students.

          • 专业资格


          • 榜首位

            We are ranked Number 1 for overall satisfaction in the sector by the students in the National Student Survey 2019.


          UEL social work programmes are taught by experts in the field. All teaching staff are professionally qualified and registered social workers, and lectures are lively, highly participative and interactive. 该 majority of placements are in east London, a diverse and multicultural environment. This provides unique opportunities for our students as you put theory into practice, giving you a wide range of experiences that is valuable to employers.

          We have strong links with local social work agencies and employers, who often offer UEL students newly qualified social worker posts. Qualified practitioners often remain connected with UEL, including undertaking continuing professional development and post-qualifying specialist courses.

          We are accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council to award 职业资格社会 work alongside academic degrees. We have strong links with partner organisations including the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust with whom we offer a jointly taught qualifying 嘛 Social Work. We host an innovative 研究 centre, the Centre for 社会工作 研究 (CSWR), led by Professor Steve Briggs and Dr Jo Finch.

          看到 我们的课程.

          What I liked about the course at UEL was that the tutors treated us as adults.  该y trusted us to do our studying and didn’t spoon-feed us. That was important because when you work in the big wide world you need to think for yourself.

          史蒂芬·摩尔 , (荣誉)文学士社会工作硕士
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          Both our libraries are open 24/7 during term time, giving you maximum flexibility about when you choose to study. As well as visiting our libraries in person, you can also take advantage of our growing collection of electronic resources, including e-books, e-journals and databases.

          To ensure our students get the best possible support, we’ve opened brand-new Student Support hubs at our Docklands and Stratford campuses - at a cost of £3.1 million. These contain centralised helpdesks as well as comfortable areas to relax and socialise. The helpdesks provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for every possible need, from course-related enquiries to personal issues such as health and money matters. 该y’re designed to be your first port of call if you have an enquiry or problem.

          了解更多,体验我们的设施的第一手信息,请访问我们在 开放日.




          社会工作研究通过协调 中央社会工作研究(CSWR).

          CSWR applies a distinctive approach to social work research and its applications in practice through its model of ‘practice-near’ 研究. We work closely with national and international academic and non-academic partners, to improve the evaluation and delivery of social and health services.

          CSWR research embraces relationship-based reflective approaches to social work practice and policy, psycho-social approaches to understanding individuals, society and institutions and inter/multi-disciplinary perspectives on social work practice. CSWR has 3 current 研究 themes:

          • 心理健康,预防自杀其中包括:幼儿心理健康;青少年心理健康 
          • 社会工作教育;多样性的教育和实践问题 
          • 儿童保护;包括少数民族影响的问题。
          在我们具体的研究更侧重细节可以在找到 研究 页。


          我们的学位旨在为您提供一系列的职业道路。我们的毕业生都去上上班的 teaching, local government, 研究 and marketing and have become welfare officers, youth workers, family therapists and psychotherapists. If you want to work with agencies 这些问题如解决无家可归问题, 药物滥用,学习困难 精神病 - 因为我们的许多 有毕业生 - 敏锐的洞察力和技能 您将获得我们的课程会给你一个 先声夺人。

          我们在医疗和护理认可 专业委员会(HCPC)奖励 职业资格社会 一起学位工作。我们的 学生有资格与登记 HCPC和实践作为一名社会工作者。



          • 就业技能培训,如面试技巧和简历写作。
          • Gradscore, a groundbreaking electronic tool that allows you to complete a mock application and find out if you’d be shortlisted for interview. It has been created exclusively for UEL with help from leading employers and employability experts.
          • UEL Skills Academy, where external professionals deliver sessions on the competencies most prized by graduate employers.
          • 实习,展示位置和志愿者的工作机会,从我们的工作实习团队。
          • 专业指导方案,从大公司配套的学生与工作人员。
          • 网络的机会和年度招聘会。
          • 支持,建立自己的企业。

          Our location in one of 欧洲’s largest regeneration areas and our extensive links to local employers will also give you access to fantastic internships and placements. From heavy industry to high-tech, health and social care to the arts, there are so many opportunities right on our doorstep.

          我们的在线职业指导您展示不同的职业道路 您所选择的学科领域可以导致你。它给你的信息上 具体职业,工作角色,潜在的工资和行业提供的就业机会。 你也可以采取一个快速测试来找到一个职业,以符合您的性格类型!





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